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Keisha and ryan pregnant and hookup

XXX Photo Keisha and ryan pregnant and hookup.

Discussion in ' Regional Gossip ' started by RidenourKeisha and ryan pregnant and hookup 15, This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Jul 15, 1. Longtime local broadcaster Frank Ski is headed down the aisle. He slipped an engagement ring on the left hand of Dr. During a recent interview he talked about his proudest role, as a dad. He has four sons: Jarrett27, Franklin17, and twins Blake and Harrison He also has a daughter from a previous relationship Ryan Meganwho is Inthe couple received a Legendary Award and accepted it together, where they were honored for their work with the Ryan Cameron Foundation, which they created together in and provides leadership skills to youth.

I heard about their break up from two sources this week and checked in with Kessler, which led to the statement. Thanks x 3 WTF! Jul 15, 2. Jul 15, 3. Jul 15, 4. Randy Kessler really is ATL's lawyer! Sooooo Ryan Cameron is single now??

I can at least teach him how to dress Jul 15, 5.

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Jul 15, 6. If this new fiance isn't relocating Frank "Fat Neck" Ski off of Atlanta airwaves and hopefully out of the state period, I'm not sure I can really be happy for Sis.

Anywho, shocker at Ryan Cameron divorcing his wife. I wonder what's the spill behind it. At least from his statement, it seems amicable.

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Thanks x 4 LOL! Jul 19, 7.

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I'm shocked about Ryan Cameron's divorce. I wonder how their marriage fell apart?! He seemed like a family man and always gave credit to his wife they built a beautiful foundation together to help disadvantaged children. It's final so no reconciliation.

Keisha and ryan pregnant and...

I hope there were no adulterous affairs. Not shocked about Frank Skidmarks. Thanks x 7 LOL! Aug 16, 8.

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I knew Ryan and Keisha were full of shit over the years I don't trust men like that Nevermind that the word on the curb been that is is a lil' light in the loafers The way he used to fangirl out over going to high school with Julia Roberts back in the day made me sick. Straight men don't do that shit. Thanks x 5 LOL!

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Sep 2, 9. Sep 23, I'm so late to this news.

Keisha and ryan pregnant and hookup off I thought Frank was still with his first long suffering wife. And I thought Ryan and his wife would be together forever! I also did not know that his oldest wasn't her oldest. This is what I get for switching back and forth to Q smh. Guess they could not survive the Atlanta curse. Married couples have to work very hard to remain married.

My wife this and that. Just goes to show when you see couples out here, don't believe everything you are seeing. Haven't listened to V in years, but truly shocked Ryan and his wife divorcing. Also, didn't know that Frank Ski, with his unconvincing, trying too hard self, was not with his wife mother of his 3 youngest boys.

Not surprised Frank "Try-too Hard" Ski. Totally surprised at Ryan, but maybe his wife initiated the divorce for reasons that we are not privy. I am shocked her made the move, wow. I found out about their divorce a few months ago, I was shocked as hell but my nosey ass wants to know why. She was posting hurt bae types of post on her instagram a while back.

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I am shocked as well. I thought Frank Ski was still married to his first wife, I wasn't even aware that they got divorced. Man, he moves fast!

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Nov 25, Frank got married last night I thought Frank Ski and his wife were goals. Jan 27, Ryan Cameron announced he's leaving V Now how can we get Wanda to leave with him?

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Thanks x 4 WTF! Didn't know Frank Ski got married again?

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