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The women in prison film or WiP film is a subgenre of exploitation film that Prison films caged lesbians in the early s and continues to the present day. Their stories feature imprisoned women who are subjected to sexual and physical abusetypically by sadistic male or female prison wardens, guards and other inmates.

The genre also features many films in which imprisoned women engage in lesbian sex.

WiP films are works of fiction intended as pornography. The films of this genre include a mixture of erotic adventures of the women in prison. Prior to these films, the only expression of pornographic women in prison was found in "true adventure" men's magazines such as Argosy in the s and s, although it is possible that Denis Diderot 's novel The Nun anticipated the genre.

Nazis tormenting damsels in distress Prison films caged lesbians particularly common in these magazines. Most women-in-prison films employ the same stock characters and formulaic situations.

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Characters that are fellow inmates may include a sarcastic prostitute, a manipulative snitch, or an aggressive lesbian. The female criminals are usually hypersexualized and fetishize homosexual relationships. The narrative peaks with some kind of rebellion, which may include a fight, attempted break out, or natural disaster such as a prison fire or earthquake.

Occasionally a new inmate is an undercover reporter investigating corruption Prison films caged lesbians in Bare Behind Bars or a government agent sent to rescue a political prisoner Caged Heat 2: Stripped Prison films caged lesbians Freedom, Love Camp 7. Most commonly, the prisoner is reunited with a man a lover, father, or priest who guides her to goodness so she can reestablish her life with familial Prison films caged lesbians heterosexual relationships.

Hollywood made movies set in women's prisons as early as the s, such as Ladies They Talk About and Hold Your Manbut generally, only a small part of the action took place inside the prison.

Women-in-prison films developed in the s as melodramas in which young heroines were shown the way to a righteous life by way of the prison.

Under the influence of pulp magazines and paperbacksthey became popular B movies in the s. It was not until the s, beginning with the release of Cagedstarring Eleanor Parker and Agnes MooreheadSo Young, So Bad alsoand Women's Prison with Ida Lupino and Cleo Moorethat an entire film was set inside a women's correctional facility. That year Love Camp 7 was also among the first pure exploitation films that influenced the women in prison and Nazi exploitation genres.

Bad Girls took a turn from the usual prison drama seen before to show a different perspective of women's lives and sexuality in prison.

Didi Herman states,"Unlike other mainstream television products that may have lesbian or gay characters within a prevailing context of heteronormativity, [Bad Girls] represents lesbian sexuality as normal, desirable, and possible.

Among them are Love Camp 7 rejected Prison films caged lesbians and Women in Cellblock 9 rejected inon the grounds that they contain substantial scenes of sexual violence and in the case of the latter an actress who at 16 was under age at the time of production, rendering it child pornography under U. Examples of traditional WiP films set in the U. Both films are about innocent women who are thrown into foreign prisons and Prison films caged lesbians to face sadistic guards and brutal rape.

Mainstream, non-exploitation prison films dealing with this theme include Bangkok Hilton starring Nicole Kidman and Brokedown Palace with Claire Danesboth which are set in Thailand and are focused on women who are imprisoned for smuggling drugs.

Most women-in-prison films employ the...

Also Prison Heat filmset in Prison films caged lesbians, is about four innocent American women who are mistakenly thrown in prison for cocaine possession. Jonathan Demme 's Caged Heat is one of the better known WiP films and has a cult following due to its tongue-in-cheek approach and casting of horror icon Barbara Steele as the warden. Demme also co-wrote The Hot Box inwhich is about female prisoners who break free and start a rebellion against their captors.

Both of these films mimic classic WiP films by including typical WiP film characters, predictable scenes, and Prison films caged lesbians plots overall. Italian exploitation directors have produced scores of WiP films with far more graphic sex and violence than those produced in the U.

The Nazi exploitation subgenre centers on the same theme of captive women suffering abuses in war-time prison camps.

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Many of these films were developed in the late s and the early s as the industry continued to grow. Comfort Women is based on real Prison films caged lesbians. Chinese Prison films caged lesbians are abducted by Japanese soldiers and used for brutal scientific experiments at the notorious Unit medical camp.

The topic of sex "is usually considered taboo in traditional Chinese society", which makes the film industry scandalous and frowned upon by many. In Japan, prison films are often made into a series based on popular characters from manga comics such as Prisoner Maria and the Sasori Scorpion series which includes Female Convict Scorpiondirected by Yutaka Kohira, starring Meiko Kaji.

Many Japanese films include themes of vengeance and retribution with a heroine who take revenge against the drug or prostitution syndicates responsible for her incarceration. In the film Female Convict Scorpionthe audience "can see a story of Japanese women in captivity, with lots of very life-like scenes" because Japanese directors desire to produce "natural looking stories" to enhance the reality of the situation.

Many Japanese films contain these "natural looking stories" because they were based off life events, such as the internment camps. The "Jungle Prison" subgenre has films set in fictional Banana republic nations run by corrupt dictators in either South America or Southeast Asia.

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The majority of these were filmed in the Philippines where production Prison films caged lesbians are low. Here, a group of nubile prisoners are herded together in a stockade prison camp and used as slave labor, doing tasks such as cutting sugar cane or digging in a quarry. These films usually involve a revolution subplot with political prisoners freed by other inmates in a climactic raid where the villains are killed.

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Sweet Sugara. Stripped of Freedom featured Jewel Shepard as an undercover agent. The especially brutal Escape from Hell, a. Escape and its sequel Hotel Paradise came from Italy. Jesus Franco 's Sadomania features scenes such as gladiator fights to the death and prisoners hunted like animals in an alligator-infested swamp.