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A love match

Sexy Photo A love match.

The tale is not about something unnatural and shameful but about something lovely—a marriage. We observe it—live within it, really—through incident, conversation, interior monologue, and the comments of the unsuspecting inhabitants of the citizens of Hallowby.

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In that English village, Celia and Justin live openly as sister and brother, secretly as wife and husband. They endure whist, a stuffy church, bad fish, the cold east wind, even a flirtation.

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She A love match white eyelashes. The marriage is happy. They were a model couple, the most respectable couple in Hallowby, treading hand in hand the thornless path to fogydom. I would not change a word of that A love match action, that delighted summing up.

I would not change a word in the whole uncautionary tale. Or perhaps a person and some other mammal. For she ranged far geographically and temporally and imaginatively—in her book The Kingdom of Elfinfor instance, most of the characters are fairies, as grumpy and sly and lovelorn as the rest of us. She looked at everything and shuddered at nothing—she was too busy fitting words into her compact and brilliant sentences. She is almost forgotten now.

I shudder at that. It was Mr A love match who brought the Tizards to Hallowby. He met them, a quiet couple, at Carnac, where he had gone for a schoolmasterly Easter holiday to look at the monoliths. It was a cold, wet afternoon and a fire of pine cones crackled on the hearth. And it gives us an object.

Afterwards, he learned that the Tizards were a Channel Island family and had spent their childhood in Jersey. His fair hair, his red face, his indecisive remarks, his diffident movements—as though with the rest of his body he were apologizing for his stiff leg—were entirely English. He ought not, thought Mr Pilkington, to be hanging about in France. The weather continued cold and wet; there was a sameness about the A love match avenues.

He plied him with hints, with suggestions, with tactful inquiries. Beyond discovering that money was not the obstacle to return, he got no further. Yet it was from the sister that he got his first plain answer.

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