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Is tinder gold worth it

Sexy Video Is tinder gold worth it.

Of course, this cost also includes all the Tinder Plus features.

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Now, what do you get for the remaining 5 dollars a month? So as long as Tinder Plus still exists, we have to judge Gold solely on the merits of its sole gimmick. What this little golden hearted button does, is pretty much what we would expect from it. It takes us to a new tab of Is tinder gold worth it app, where all the users that have already liked you are displayed in a grid view.

You can then like or dislike those people directly from that screen, or delve into their profiles. Knowing who already liked them before they decide on the direction of their swipe has been a very popular demand and search query among Tinder users. There were also more or less reliable companion apps for Tinder that volunteered just this information.

Is Tinder Gold worth the...

Interestingly, those free apps all stopped working with an API update prior to the Tinder Gold release. That is a question you must ultimately answer yourself.

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I have never quite understood the great popularity of the then free apps and tricks that would tell you who liked you in advance. Why would I need to know, let Is tinder gold worth it go through any effort to find out? Tinder already puts the people who liked you at the top of your stack. There is also the technical detail that even with this function, you cannot just lay back and enjoy your curated list of people who like you.

Not if you want to get a decent number of matches to talk to that is. So someone you would really like might never see your face if you wait for them to like you first.

Does knowing somebody already liked you really influence your swiping decision?

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I can see that. Of course, it also depends on what your goal using Tinder is.

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