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July 13, 42 Comments Categories: Thanks for sending in the new photos. Keep working out and contact me again when you feel you Pornstar tag adams in tip top shape and ready to be shot again. He now goes through the process of getting back into porn shape, kinda like Biggest Looser Porn Edition. As it happens, Broadway Cares is ashamed of nude men. DudeTubeOnline posted photos from the event, but when the theater queens at Broadway Cares saw their pics alongside hardcore gay porn updates, they asked DudeTube to remove a post.

Plus Gavin Waters uses a visconti dildo! Part 1Part 2 and Part 3. Tim Kelly on Meds Waiting Pornstar tag adams. Read his Interview [ translate ]. Clay Maverick may not airbrushed, steroid-filled and manufactured to perfection but he looks damn good to me!!!

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If the testing was required in gay porn the industry would shut down. I was surfing and came to a screeching halt at that Tybo Calter. Hope he gets recruited stateside. I think the only place you can find him today is that menoboy French site.

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What a cutie bottom. That Google translation program is always a laugh. Clay Maverick, stop crying and hit the gym. Pornstar tag adams have to agree with Manu DO has a crazy body. He is not actually not that big but his proportions and he ripped makes him look sick. Gavin Walters also is hot. The Randly Blue crowd as always look hot especialy Cayden. I fee bad for Tim….

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That is the reality of AIDS. Estelle, very true what you wrote and quite frightening. And one only has to ask how many other porn actors have worked with Tim, like Matthew Rush and Tom Chase, and how many countless others are infected.

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Funny, I read somewhere that one porn director, whose name I forget, said that he thought that after AIDS struck so horrifically the number of guys wanting to do porno would diminish dramatically but in fact the opposite was true. More guys were auditioning to do porn than ever before. Sadly, it seems many of these guys are very self-destructive and it seems every week another studio is doing bareback videos. After reading the interview with Gavin, I conclude: Pornstar tag adams WE lose time with this fucking subject.

Does anyone have a link to the full video of Tom Chase and Tim Kelly? Like on Rocketube or somewhere?

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I want to see if its really bareback. Pornstar tag adams are really senseless these days. This whole bareback craze is putting me off porn and sort of makes me wary of being gay in a way, like I should be worried that I might get infected. I think this is part of the reason a lot of men like me would rather sleep with a straight guy, because at least then its less likely that he will Pornstar tag adams HIV.

I know that they are rarely used in straight porn which is very disappointing.

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In fact, they have slid pretty far: And 9 Twitter followers? That is sad, too. I wish Clay had been a better performer, and I wish he were in a better place in his life. And now he Pornstar tag adams back on the …bandwagon? Clay Mavorick made a spot for his short time as an sort of gay escort, lte him fuck his heart out now. James your first comment is one of the dumbest I have read on here in a long time. Ever hear of the down low? Most gay men practice safe sex.

If they really feel that way then they will have no problems with paying for their own meds. The information about HIV prevention has been out for nearly 30 years. Those pictures of Steve Hooper are over 3 years old. Which seemed silly since it was well known that he worked as a male escort and got fucked by his clients.

Clay Maverick is a self entitled out of touch tool. Hey asshole those guys that made you money when you fucked them or serviced you during your heyday were men. Pornstar tag adams, I agree with you, this James dude is delusional if he thinks that the men that he would like to sleep with in the future are straight.

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I mean, that shit is Pornstar tag adams very scary! Pornstar tag adams You like bareback…buy the movies…. I realize this is a porn blog sight but you people need to educate yourself. James you are the airhead. Sorry people but I value my life too much to waste in on a few minutes of pleasure. If that makes me a prude, a negative nelly, or close minded it, so be it but I value my health and life too much to waste it.

Mike and James are two people who are getting on my last nerve… Mike, you are mistaken between G4P porn are actually good and G4P porn where they are using the sexuality card for their mediocre quality.

I guess you watch BB porn huh?

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How many time have you thought: It may not the same thing but they are both the outcome of same action: Do you still want to say that straight guy plays it safer than gay guys? No, he means Dawson from TIM, which is no surprise because that cunt Pornstar tag adams open up for anything with a penis and a pulse.

I would like to go to a pool party where Nick Capra is running around naked. Diesel Washington, not so much. Robert, yes that has been known for some time by most people. My younger brother died of AIDS, too.

It simply makes it harder for me to understand when people act so recklessly with their lives. You are misinterpreting the point.

I, too, have lost friends to AIDS, and currently have three good friends who are positive. Jeremy, I have had like 2 partners in my whole life and I am 26 now. I am a safe guy and I choose my partners wisely.

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Get a life dude. It makes me sad to read about the AIDS epidemic. The gay community is one of the last to assimilate. This bothers me because Pornstar tag adams are one of the most compassionate peoples that I have had the pleasure of spending time with. I have learned more from them than I could even begin to express. The thought of a preventable issue taking any of these folks away brings me great sorrow as they have more to contribute than I think our culture realizes.

I want to say that my original intention was to write a book about my time in the industry. The reason I wanted to do this was because of the unbelievably positive impact it had on my life. I want to humanize and make others see how great the people I ran into were and what they have to offer the world community.

The comeback came out of what originally was an idea to refresh my face as to Pornstar tag adams a younger generation to listen.

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For those laughing, you should it is funny. That was the point. But as far as the gay community; I feel a gratitude that I can not describe.

I want to Pornstar tag adams back. The book seems like a good start, but if anyone seems other ways of helping, let me know. I assure you, money is not the goal, nor is a comeback or fame.

I have gone to college and have a job that takes care of all that. I want to make sure that fun stuff does not negate my goal to help. Colt and Falcon are great companies. Having the opportunity to work with them was a kind gift.